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Civic Engagement



Empowering Women’s Participation in Policy Making and Governance.

On March 31st, the vibrant city of Kampala came alive with the inspiring event, Urban…

Empowering Youth Engagement in Policy and Decision Making through Performing Arts and Culture.

On Saturday, March 18th, an extraordinary event took place at the Bush Pig Backpackers. Organized…

Celebrating the Power of Words.

Poetry has found a fertile ground in Uganda, with its popularity soaring over the past…

Exploring the Role of the Fashion Industry in Promoting Civic Change.

On April 27th, 2023, MoTiv hosted a thought-provoking event called Kwetu Kwanza, meaning "Ours First."…

Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, and the Future of Governance: All Explored at the Social Media Conference

On the 23rd of March 2023, an exceptional event took place at the Media Challenge…

Female artists trained in Civic Engagement at the #Women4CivicChange through Art Workshop.

Art has always played a significant role in addressing social issues and sparking change. From…

The Power of Words: Speak-Up & Stand-Up Event Redefines Civic Engagement

In a world where young voices are often overlooked or silenced, an extraordinary event recently…

A Recap of the Inaugural ACE Residency Program

In March 2023, we partnered with the KQ Hub Africa to organize the first-ever arts…