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Storytelling plays a major role in shaping society and influences the ideas that drive it. What are some of the ways in which we’ve embedded creative approaches to encourage social-political dialogue and action?

In this episode Moderated by Bella Twine (Managing Director (Debunk Media Initiative) with discussants who include Bruno Komuburuga ( WEF Global Shaper ) and Nabuguzi Kiwanuka (Podcaster and Lawyer) we delve into how media storytelling has demonstrated a powerful role in building community and catalyzing social action. For instance the emergence of hashtag movements such as the #PotholeExhibitionUg in Uganda and how it galvanized citizens to call for public accountability on the state of the roads in the country.

This conversion is convened by KQHUB AFRICA in collaboration with the Podcasters.- In-residence program at the MCI MEDIA HUB, MCI RADIO and the WEF GLOBAL SHAPERS KAMPALA HUB.