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KQ HUB AFRICA hosted the CivicArtTalksPodcast a dialogue with some of the most influential youth leaders in the civil society and creative industries in Uganda brought in partnership with the GlobaSharpers Kampala, Media Challenge Initiative & Uganda National Youth Council.

Episode one is titled: ‘Amplifying youth voices: Notes on storytelling and agenda setting’ and panelists will explore in detail how young people can organize to push foward for civic change.

The podcast was hosted by Nabuguzkiwanuka with panelists including Vivian Kabasinga (NYC Uganda), Rebecca Karangwa (Global Shapers Hub Kampala), Ruth Kitamirike (Lawyer and Youth Leader) and Edwin Danze ( CMO at Next Media).

The necessity of political engagement in Uganda has been underscored in every aspect of our lives. Many youth continue to shun political engagement/spaces because of the generally agreed view that civic spaces are shrinking at an alarming rate in the country.

In this episode we asked the question: Can the arts offer the youth a new voice and alternative avenue for civic engagement in Uganda? What are some of the new approaches for storytelling and the missing link for articulating?