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On Saturday, March 18th, an extraordinary event took place at the Bush Pig Backpackers. Organized by CMH LIVE and KQHUB AFRICA, “The Public Artist” brought together talented musicians and a passionate audience to explore the crucial theme of youth engagement in policy and decision-making. This unique gathering aimed to foster inclusive policy-making and governance, encourage creative ways for youth civic participation and highlight how artists can use their creative endeavors to initiate civic change.

“The Public Artist” showcased an impressive lineup of gifted musicians who all had one thing in common: a dedication to effecting positive change through their art. Silvester Kabombo, a renowned rapper and singer, brought his dynamic energy to the stage, captivating the audience with his thought-provoking lyrics. Tushi Nabakyala, another talented rapper, seamlessly merged her storytelling abilities with social commentary, inspiring the listeners to reflect on the issues affecting their communities. Mutaki, an R&B singer, added a soulful touch to the event, emphasizing the importance of youth voices in shaping policies. Mudebo, a skilled rapper, fearlessly expressed his thoughts on societal challenges, encouraging his peers to actively participate in decision-making processes. Lastly, Mike Mungu, an R&B singer and songwriter, delivered heartfelt performances that resonated with the crowd, reminding them of the power of music to ignite change.

The major theme of the event revolved around youth engagement in policy and decision-making. In today’s world, it is imperative that young people are given a platform to express their opinions, share their experiences, and actively contribute to shaping the policies that will shape their future. “The Public Artist” event sought to encourage dialogue, create awareness, and inspire youth to engage in governance at various levels.

Inclusive Policy Making and Governance: One of the core topics explored during the event was inclusive policy-making and governance. The artists and organizers emphasized the significance of incorporating diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives in decision-making processes. By encouraging inclusivity, policymakers can ensure that the policies they formulate reflect the needs and aspirations of the entire community, including young people. The event fostered discussions on how to dismantle barriers to youth participation, promote equality, and create avenues for collaboration between decision-makers and the youth.

Creative Ways for Youth Civic Participation: “The PubLic Artist” also aimed to explore creative ways for youth civic participation. The event showcased how artists can leverage their creative practices to initiate social change. Through their powerful lyrics, performances, and storytelling abilities, the artists demonstrated how art can be a tool for expression, activism, and engaging with political and social issues. By harnessing their artistic talents, they inspired the youth to find their own creative outlets to contribute to the policy-making process, whether through music, visual arts, writing, or other forms of artistic expression.

“The Public Artist” was an exceptional event that highlighted the importance of youth engagement in policy and decision-making. Through the performances and insights shared by talented artists, the event empowered young people to actively participate in governance, fostering inclusivity and creativity. It served as a reminder that everyone, regardless of their age, has a valuable role to play in shaping the future. By amplifying youth voices and encouraging their involvement in policy-making processes, we can create a society that truly represents the aspirations and needs of all its members. “The Public Artist” event will be remembered as a milestone in inspiring the next generation of leaders and change-makers.