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On March 31st, the vibrant city of Kampala came alive with the inspiring event, Urban Citizen, held at Ibamba at the Museum. This event, organized by CMH Live and Ladu Poetry House in partnership with KQ Hub Africa, aimed to engage creatives and attendees in a thought-provoking discussion on “women’s participation in policy making and governance.” With a lineup of top poets, mesmerizing performances, and a commitment to fostering dialogue, Urban Citizen successfully captured the essence of art, activism, and empowerment.

Urban Citizen brought together an array of talented artists who not only entertained but also ignited meaningful conversations. The event showcased the exceptional skills of poets such as Hindu Babirye, a student of Kyambogo University, whose thought-provoking words resonated with the audience. Patricia, a female Afro RnB singer and visual artist, dazzled the crowd with her soulful melodies, while Geof The Poet and Benjamin the Poet captivated everyone with their lyrical brilliance. Zoey the Story Teller, Lus the Poet, and Mc Kiye added their unique perspectives, creating an enriching and diverse artistic experience. Additionally, the presence of Edward Kayondo, a renowned Ugandan singer and songwriter, added an extra touch of excitement to the event.

Empowering Women in Policy Making: The core objective of Urban Citizen was to emphasize the importance of women’s participation in policy making and governance. The event provided a platform for creatives and attendees to explore this crucial topic in depth. The participants actively engaged in discussions, making genuine submissions and raising thought-provoking questions. Mr. Marc Gordon, the director of Ladu Poetry House, emphasized the significance of support from creative arts organizations like KQ Hub Africa, commending their initiative of Arts for Civic Engagement. Kagayi Ngobi, a prominent Ugandan poet, stressed the importance of artists taking ownership of community issues and addressing them directly. Hindu Babirye highlighted the need to educate men on gender equality, drawing from her personal experience growing up with a brother who wasn’t taught domestic responsibilities.

Urban Citizen was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ladu Poetry House, CMH Live, and KQ Hub Africa. These organizations joined forces to create a memorable and impactful event that celebrated creativity, advocacy, and community engagement. Their collective commitment to empowering women in policy making and governance was evident throughout the event, inspiring attendees and creatives alike.

Urban Citizen was a resounding success, achieving its goal of promoting women’s participation in policy making and governance. Through captivating performances, genuine submissions, and meaningful discussions, the event demonstrated the power of art as a catalyst for change. The collaboration between Ladu Poetry House, CMH Live, and KQ Hub Africa showcased the strength of partnerships in driving meaningful social impact. Urban Citizen left an indelible mark on all those who attended, reminding them of the importance of women’s voices in shaping the future of their communities. As the echoes of the event continue to reverberate, it is clear that Urban Citizen has set a remarkable precedent for future initiatives focused on empowering women and fostering inclusive governance.