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On the vibrant day of 12th March 2023, KQ Hub Africa proudly hosted “The Art Social & Brunch,” a highly anticipated event that brought together Uganda’s influential and emerging artists for a memorable celebration of creativity and connection. With a star-studded guest list that included renowned comedian Anne Kansiime and hip-hop legend Babaluku, this gathering was destined to be an extraordinary occasion. KQ Hub Africa firmly believes in the power of creativity to bring about social change and promote civic engagement. To honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of Uganda’s influential and emerging artists, kQ hosted “The Art Social & Brunch” – a high-level networking event that brought together the vibrant and diverse community of artists, curators, gallerists, and supporters from various artistic disciplines.

“The Art Social & Brunch” was designed to unite Uganda’s artistic community, acknowledging their significant contributions to social change and promoting civic engagement through their creative endeavors. This gathering served as an opportunity for influential artists, curators, gallerists, managers, producers, journalists, promoters, and supporters to come together and celebrate their collective impact.

The past years have been marked by unprecedented challenges, including the global pandemic, rising costs of living, and conflicts in different parts of the world. These adversities have taken a toll on the mental health, creativity, and imagination of artists. At KQ Hub Africa, recognized the importance of creating alternative spaces that prioritize intentional rest and self-care to invigorate and inspire artistic expression. “The Art Social & Brunch” served as a meaningful way to usher in the new year and initiate fresh artistic encounters and collaborations. The event aimed to foster a sense of unity and togetherness within the creative and cultural industry in Uganda, acting as a platform for networking, learning, celebration, and sharing among like-minded individuals. It provided an opportunity for artists to connect, exchange ideas, and reflect on the social and economic issues that define our times.

Taking place at the enchanting Coffee at Last in Munyonyo, the venue served as a warm and inviting backdrop for this special gathering. With a dress code of black and white, guests added a touch of elegance and creativity to the ambiance, creating a visually striking atmosphere that reflected the essence of artistic expression. To ensure a memorable experience, we provided complimentary food and drinks to all attendees. By removing the barrier of cost, we aimed to create an inclusive space that welcomed artists from all walks of life. Admission was open to the first 100 guests on a first-come, first-served basis, with a required RSVP link that was created to manage attendance and maintain an intimate setting.

During the captivating event, KQ Hub Africa unveiled its groundbreaking project, Art4CivicChange. This transformative initiative aims to address the pressing issue of a lack of platforms for youth engagement and dialogue on democracy and human rights through arts and culture. Recognizing the potential of arts and culture to invigorate and empower youthful communities and civil society, KQ Hub Africa seeks to create a united advocacy front that strengthens active citizenship and social cohesion at both the community and national levels.

Art4CivicChange marks a significant milestone in KQ Hub Africa’s commitment to fostering effective, inclusive, and accountable institutions through art-led movements. Bayingana Simon, the Civic Arts Officer, emphasized that the project’s primary objective is to promote increased civic participation among youth in governance issues that profoundly impact the socio-economic and political development of the country. By harnessing the power of creative arts and culture, this project aims to ignite a spark of social change and empower the voices of the youth. The Creative Director at KQ Hub Africa  Joseph Ian Wabwire also noted that “Art4CivicChange is driven by a vision of offering alternative, unconventional, and innovative approaches to civic community engagement. Through playfulness and interaction, the project places artists at the forefront of social change, infusing their creativity and passion into the pursuit of a more just and equitable society. By leveraging the unique power of the arts, KQ Hub Africa seeks to transcend traditional boundaries and provide fresh perspectives on pressing societal issues” Through a combination of activism, social justice organizing, and grassroots engagement, Art4CivicChange aims to create dynamic spaces where youth can freely express themselves and engage in critical dialogues on democracy, human rights, and governance. By utilizing creative arts as a medium, the project seeks to bridge the gap between civic education and artistic expression, empowering young individuals to be catalysts for positive change within their communities.

KQ Hub Africa was excited to embark on this transformative journey with Art4CivicChange,itinvited artists, youth, community organizations, and stakeholders from all walks of life to join in this important endeavor. Together, creatives can harness the power of creativity and collaboration to drive meaningful social change and create a future where every voice is heard and every youth has the opportunity to shape their destiny.

“The Art Social & Brunch” was a testament to our dedication to the creative and cultural industry in Uganda. By providing a space for artists to connect, network, and learn from one another, we hope to cultivate a supportive and collaborative community. Together, we can use our creativity to shed light on social and economic issues, inspire change, and shape a better future for our society. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the artists, curators, gallerists, managers, producers, journalists, promoters, and supporters who joined us at this remarkable event. Your presence and contributions continue to inspire us as we strive to build a strong and united creative family in Uganda.