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Public Artist: Youth Engagement in Policy and Decision Making

The Event

“The Public Artist” unfolded at the Bush Pig Backpackers kololo. Jointly organized by CMH LIVE and KQHUB AFRICA, this gathering brought together an exceptional blend of talented musicians and an enthusiastic audience, all united by the pivotal theme of youth engagement in policy and decision-making. With a focus on fostering inclusive policy-making and governance, as well as encouraging innovative avenues for youth civic participation, the event spotlighted the transformative potential of artists in driving civic change.

Centered around a roster of gifted musicians, “The Public Artist” was a testament to their shared commitment to channeling their art for positive impact. Among them, the dynamic rapper and singer Silvester Kabombo commanded the stage with his thought-provoking lyrics, while Tushi Nabakyala seamlessly intertwined storytelling and social commentary to inspire reflection. R&B singer Mutaki delivered a soulful perspective on the importance of youth voices in shaping policies, while rapper Mudebo fearlessly tackled societal challenges. Notably, R&B singer and songwriter Mike Mungu’s heartfelt performances underscored the immense power of music to instigate change.

At its core, the event revolved around championing youth involvement in policy and decision-making, acknowledging the crucial role of young voices in shaping their own destinies. “The Public Artist” sparked dialogue, heightened awareness, and galvanized youth to actively partake in governance on various levels.

The Event Embraced Two Pivotal Themes:

1. Inclusive Policy Making and Governance: A central topic explored was the essence of inclusive policy-making and governance. Through their performances and perspectives, both artists and organizers emphasized the significance of incorporating diverse viewpoints in decision-making. Inclusivity, they highlighted, is key to ensuring policies mirror the needs and aspirations of all, including the youth. By dismantling participation barriers, promoting equality, and nurturing collaboration between decision-makers and young minds, the event illuminated paths to a more inclusive society.

2. Creative Youth Civic Participation: “The Public Artist” delved into inventive ways for youth civic engagement. It showcased how artists can leverage their talents to ignite social change. The artists’ performances showcased art’s potential for expression and activism, urging the youth to find their own creative channels to shape policy-making. Whether through music, visual arts, writing, or other forms of expression, they underscored the power of art to provoke thought and action.

In its entirety, “The Public Artist” emerged as a remarkable event, underscoring youth’s indispensable role in policy and decision-making. Through its talented artists’ performances and insights, the event bestowed empowerment upon the young, inspiring active participation and embracing diversity. It serves as a pivotal juncture, driving home the truth that every individual, irrespective of age, contributes to shaping our collective future. By elevating youth voices and propelling their involvement in policy-making, we can pave the way for a society that resonates with the dreams and needs of allĀ itsĀ members.

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