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The Film Picnic: A Silent Film Night

The Event

The Film Picnic Evening, a collaborative venture between KQ HUB AFRICA and Afro Diorama, unfolded on April 29th, 2023. This event transcended traditional film screenings, weaving together narratives that stirred societal dialogue and beckoned for change.

Attendees, a diverse tapestry of film enthusiasts, filmmakers, and changemakers, converged to engage with stories that traversed the spectrum of African life and struggles. The films, carefully curated for their resonant narratives, illuminated the power of cinema to amplify voices that often remain unheard.

“Mary Monday,” directed by Ochan Hannington, spotlighted the remarkable journey of a female refugee and journalist who transformed her refugee status into a rallying point for change. Through her lens, the plight of refugees found a resonant voice, illustrating the transformative potential of storytelling.

“Mama Africa,” a creation by Mika Kaurismäki, wove a musical tapestry of Miriam Makeba’s life—a testament to her devotion to justice and peace. The film encapsulated Makeba’s unwavering commitment to combating racism, echoing her music as anthems of unity and hope.

Beyond the screen, the event blossomed into a hub of dialogue and exchange. Filmmakers, regardless of their experience, converged to explore the intricate ways film can shape societal narratives. Connections were forged, ideas ignited, and collaborations kindled, all with the shared goal of catalyzing change through cinematic expression.

The KQHub Film Picnic Evening embraced the pan-African spirit, showcasing films from Uganda and beyond. This diverse array underscored the universality of human experiences, a testament to the rich tapestry of stories that the African continent offers.

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