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Fashion Policy Round-table and Showcase: On Sustainable Fashion practices and how we can support the growth of the fashion industry in Uganda.

The Event

The British Council in partnership with KQ Hub Africa and IGC Fashion will host a Fashion Policy Round-table and showcase to explore the future of sustainable fashion practices and how to support a robust policy framework that enables the success of local fashion designers and businesses.

The fashion industry in Uganda, like in many other parts of the world, has faced various challenges related to sustainability and environmental impact. Fast fashion, mass production, and exploitative labor practices have been prevalent, leading to significant social and environmental consequences. However, there is a growing global movement towards sustainable fashion practices that prioritize ethical sourcing, fair trade, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

In recent years, Uganda has seen a rise in awareness and efforts towards sustainable fashion. Local designers and entrepreneurs have begun incorporating Eco-friendly practices into their businesses, promoting traditional craftsmanship, and embracing sustainable production methods. However, there is still a need for broader systemic changes and policy support to create a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry in the country.

Overall Objective of the Dialogue.

The objective of the Policy Round-table on Sustainable Fashion practices in Uganda is to bring together
key stakeholders, including policymakers, fashion industry representatives, designers, academics, and activists, to discuss and develop strategies for re-imagining the fashion industry in Uganda. The round-table aims to share insights and influence policymakers, ensuring opportunities are open to diverse communities to build successful sustainable businesses and support the local fashion industry in Uganda.

The event will be augmented with a pop-up showcase of some of Uganda’s rising fashion brands including collections from Denim Cartel, Sew Simple, IGC Fashion

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