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BROKEN VOICES: A Bold Poetry Performance & Conversation on Social Consciousness

The Event

We collaborated with Creationz Forum Africa to bring our #CivicArtTalks and showcasing this Friday.

Art is a powerful tool for advocacy and for making people appreciate and uphold human rights and the values of democratic governance. It bridges language, geographical, cultural, and traditional barriers.

Art has considerable potential in enhancing civic competence among people to be able to embrace their roles and responsibilities, and demand better service delivery while holding their leaders to account. Defying all linguistic boundaries, art is considered a universal language and therefore an ideal resource for passing on information and understanding the perspectives of others while at the same time entertaining.

It is within this framework that CAF and KQ Hub Africa were seeking to promote youth civic engagement through Arts as a platform through which their voices can be heard. Through this forum, young people were challenged to reflect on the current Rwenzori and share their narratives and design the kind of society they want to live in. This was done through; painting, songs, drama, poetry, and essay writing among others.

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