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The Event

With support from Onlinekas in partnership with theĀ Mediachallengeug we curated the Social Media Exhibition 2023 as part of the Social Media Convention.

The social media exhibition highlighted social media in its representation of key ideas that shape the emergence of social media, AI and the future of governance.

The exhibition simulated the processes and rules that give rise to the power of the internet and its place in our lives. All the images in this exhibition were generated through the AI and shared this political approach, which was intended by the curator to deeply interrogate the social conditions that shape the future of civic engagement and the participatory arts as a medium for political discourse on social media.

This exhibition also explored the meaning of civic spaces and showcased the ways in which young people can continue to impact and stay engaged politically. Through creating and presenting art, individuals are able to start conversations online about divisive social problems in an inclusive way that encourages dialogue instead of antagonism. The underlying themes included dialogue, civic participation, democracy and creative expression.

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