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The Event

#KWETUKWANZA means “Ours First”. This was a sustainable fashion event gathering fashion designers, entrepreneurs, activists to explore the role of fashion in promoting sustainable futures produced by @igc_fashion.

We collaborated with the local fashion brand @igc_fashion to put together a Conversation Lounge (#CivicArtTalks) at the event that explored the Intersection between fashion and civic change. The panelists explored the role of fashion towards raising the consciousness of the masses to contribute to civic change in their communities.

The panel brought together experts in the fashion industry, sustainability advocates, and community leaders to discuss the role of fashion in promoting social and environmental responsibility, and how fashion can be used as a tool for civic engagement.

Our panelists shared their insights and experiences on topics such as sustainable fashion practices, fashion and social justice, fashion and community building, fashion and activism, and fashion and the global community. The discussion provided a forum for attendees to engage in meaningful dialogue on these important issues, and to explore ways in which they can make a positive impact through their fashion choices.

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