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Happ Tears Poem Night

Friday 26th May, 5:00pm – 9:00pm
In Entebbe at the Railway Museum

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The WOW Barn Festival follows a spectacular 24 hour barn build by 300 women and non-binary people. The entire site will be transformed into a festival full of talks, skills workshops, food, music and more.

There’ll be something to see, do, watch or take part in all day long at Cinder Moor. Check out the line-up and schedule.You’re invited to ‘sign up’. Join us on the day and join in the movement for a more equitable world.

The WOW Barn Festival is Pay What You Decide. We want to include and involve as many people as possible, so you can choose to pay a price that works for you. There’s an option to pay for additional sessions, through our Workshop Programme.